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does Ford own the word “Mustang”?

We don’t get too much in terms of Mustang magazines here but the back issues we do get seem to have that growing debate about Ford trying to remove the word “Mustang” from parts sellers. Will they do the same for magazines? LOL. Will that mean Mustang Monthly will just be Monthly? Will Mustangs Unlimited be just Unlimited?

What is your stand on this? Or is it something that shouldn’t even matter. Let us know your thoughts.


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a 67 vert under the knife


When you see the “after” shot it is always hard to imagine what the “before” or even “during” for that matter looked like.

This is one classic example. She is a beauty. But check out her site on my links under “1967 Stang Convertible Project”. It is a good presentation of what they had done to their pony to bring her to this state. An inspiration for the newbies out there to take it on. As Adidas says “Impossible is nothing”.

Oh and they have Mach 1s on it too!

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read another interesting response on Mustang Forums

It seems like there is a group in the forum that remembers the Pinatubo explosion most of us here went through. Funny though as that somewhat exposes the ages of some. But what is even more interesting is that I have discovered someone out there (who coincidentally remembers Pinatubo) has also created a blog dedicated to his 67 Stang. It is a very comprehensive blog and even tracks down his expenses. I am placing his link to my blogroll. It is a pretty interesting site and it is called “1967 Mustang Resurrection”. It is good to see more and more “fanatics” making full use of the digital world to spread the word.

It further reinforces the fact that there may be more out there (blogs that is) that are just awaiting discovery. Would be good if we could find a way to unite them. Cyberspace can be daunting at times. Specially for an old timer like me.

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a closer look at Sally’s stablemate and closest rival

Attached are some pics of the 70 Mach 1 that shares the stable with Sally. She was obtained from the family of the first owner and is a nice little thoroughbred. She still has her original 351w and FMX. Riding her is not quite like riding Sally. She is lower slung to the ground and while she has a huge rear window it is a strain trying to see anything through it. You can imagine why though she rivals Sally in getting my attention.


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good to see support

It was interesting how this blog got some very encouraging words from fellow enthusiasts in the U.S. It makes a world of difference. Also it shows how we are all brought together by one common passion.

Here are some screen caps of their comments at Mustang Forums.picture-1.jpg


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she’s a beaut

dsc00701.jpgYup this is one helluva a hotrod. I have seen her tear down Paseo de Roxas before and today due to some luck am glad to make her acquaintance. Just check her out from all angles. Flawless. Every detail completely taken into consideration. She is a kiwi beauty as she hails all the way from New Zealand and was just brought into the country. A 33 Ford who doesn’t look anywhere close to her age and puts even modern cars to shame. And she did as she sped off and burnt rubber in front of all the ricers.


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the Fort is invaded by the musclecar forumers

Took Sally out to the Fort to meet up with the rest of the crew. It was fun. Inspite of what appeared to inclement weather any excuse to take her top off was a good one. In fact as she passed through Serendra a couple of girls shouted “Nice car!” And as she passed through Bonifacio High Street, the pedestrian cell phones were held up to take MMS’s of her. Well, she is a head turner.

Sally and I met up with the others at the parking lot. Cherrybomber found a new dude as well with the ZZ Top mobile. All we were waiting for was girls to pop out in true 80s video fashion. With twirling guitars and all.

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