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checking the mach 1’s short

So in order to solve the problem why the Mach 1 had some smoke under the dash some time back we had to remove the dash with an electrician.


Now the thing is the ignition wire shorted. So it always pays to have proper wiring redone in your car. Call it insurance against car loss to fire.

These are some of the components that were removed. The dash itself as well as the instrument cluster. More complex compared to Sally’s. Must have been the height of technology back then.dsc00776.jpgdsc00774.jpg


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busy day today

Haven’t had much time to do anything but run all over the place for work. Yet I couldn’t stop thinking about cars. That is why I love the weekend. It is a chance for me to take the Stangs out. However, tomorrow is re-wiring the Mach 1 day since she almost had a short. Smelled a bit of smoke under the dash and saw a puff so it was immediate stopping of the engine and removing the battery. I must get that on-board fire extinguisher.

Will take pics of the re-wiring process tomorrow so I can post later in the day.

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the stangs of note – part 1

When it was introduced in mid 1964. Hence he 64 1/2 designation, the Indy 500 pace car was actually a Mustang convertible. Also, the movie Goldfinger featured an early Mustang convertible which James Bond’s famous Aston Martin slashed. It is widely debated whether this was actually a Wimbledon White or Phoenician Yellow sample. In actuality, Sally was originally Phoenician Yellow. A color available for 1964 1/2 Mustangs and eventually discontinued on Feb of 65. This gave way to the popular Springtime Yellow.

Some shots from the scene in Goldfinger below. Ford had to rush it for the shoot finding an example in Switzerland. Now is it white or yellow? Yellow with red interior? only in the 60s. But then again that was the beauty of the Stang. And the reason behind its marketing success. You could have it any way you want. Just tick off the spec sheet and place your order. It was truly a personal car. And the rest was automotive history. No pony car would ever come close.

By the way, one of Goldfinger’s most popularized characters was Pussy Galore. Though it wasn’t her driving this Stang.goldfinger_conv5.jpg


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which of the two is sexier?

the 1965 Mustang Convertible


the 1970 Mach 1.

Which of the two do you think will boost sex appeal?

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cast your vote for the next american idol

Well at least we won’t have to contend with a Simon.

If you had to choose between these two cars which would you choose and why?

So who will be the next American Idol?


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feels like some bizzare reality show

Weird how I was telling a fellow stanghead here, Cherrybomber, that it feels like I am in some strange reality show where there are two contestants – a 65 vert and a 70 mach 1 – vying for the attention of a pseudo “the Donald”.  Who will make it through and who will get the boot at this week’s episode of “the Stang Challenge”.

I am really drawn to both and find it a hard decision. Am wondering if a video clip will help add some life to this serial I am now caught in.

And weirdly enough I can hear each one talking to me. Have I totally lost it? These steeds seem to have a soul of their own. Can’t say the same for my car from the land of the rising sun.

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beauty is skin deep

0feb07.jpgIn getting Sally to where she is now she had to undergo much restoration surgery. No bondo was to be applied. Only sheet metal where needed so she could have the nice clean lines she had today. It is amazing at how you can actually feel she is tighter now compared to when she arrived. This was what she underwent before she would start to ride like a

We had to make sure no rust was left. Rust is car cancer. It can however be cured. Through patience and perseverance. And doing so is so worth it.


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