difficult decision

crop2-1.jpgAfter much thought it really is boiling down to choosing who should stay and who should go. I just can’y handle two cars at the moment. It is a choice between Sally and the Mach1. Weird I should say that. Well I like them both. Each is unique and has its own temperament. Yet I cannot handle two at the moment. o who do you think should stay and who should go. I am at a strange crossroad.


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Mustang forever

mustang6.jpgHas there ever been a pony car. Or car for that matter, that stirred the soul of countless generations as the Ford Mustang has? What it did in the first two years of its inception was actually unheard of and possibly unparalleled. In fact, I was born three years after its first year of introduction to an unprepared yet incredibly ready public.

I have fond memories of our first family Stang. My dad’s 67 coupe. It seemed like he couldn’t stop talking about it. His first car was a Hillman. He wanted one of those sporty Triumphs yet opted for the more practical car. I suppose the Mustang allowed him to get the best of both worlds. And like many he was drawn to the coupe. The most popular body style. That was when we were living in Mexico City. I still recollect seeing that green beauty in the old foto albums de Familia (that was a poor attempt at Spanish).

Could he have chosen green pony since he was drawn to BRG?

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the real deal

When we got Sally she had a 6 banger. It appeared to have come off a later model Ford. Quite possibly a Stang. We knew it was a switcheroo since her VIN indicated she was a “C” code. That meant she originally had a 289 with a 2 barrel carb. This was found in her fender VIN as well as the dataplate on her door which matched it. There was also a hidden VIN found when we dismantled her. (note: these are some samples for the fender VIN and dataplate. Not Sally’s.)

sample of a 67 stang “K” code fender VIN

So it all pointed the way to the fact that she was really a ‘vert as she had the “08” code as well matching to it. Now why would I mention that she was a real ‘vert? Well one of the things that happens here a lot is for some to “chop” coupes and pass them off as ‘verts. Before getting Sally I did extensive research. Checked out some “real” ‘verts and also saw a couple of “fakes”. It is amazing how many “fakes” sport genuine ‘vert items (more about this in later posts). The U.S. forums proved to be very helpful to. Check them out my Links. The peeps there are really helpful and entertaining too. Use the ‘net. It is very helpful and the old “fakers” hate it.

door data plate from an “A” code ‘vert
In fact, a known collector here must have been hoodwinked by a seller since he had what seemed to be a “fake”. He insisted it was “real” so I am not sure whether he is in the know or not.

But then this hobby is fraught with stories like this.

Needless to say the hardest thing to fake is the VIN. And hunt down the hidden ones. It gets even more painful when you go into Shelby turf then realize you didn’t get the real thing.

these are what the codes reveal

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sally’s dark past

When we first got Sally she was pretty much all there but she had the shakes and was pretty much like an ex-junkie in withdrawal. Her tolerances were shot and she was pretty tired. Doors wouldn’t close properly and the gaps were bad. It was going to be a lot of work getting her back on the road to recovery. Even her ride was awful. She was rattly. Drum brakes faded bad and the c4 was lacking power.

So we set off at tightening her up. Having her undergo major surgery. She was going to be the better for it. We on the other hand would have to strip her down and expose all her hidden problems. Things best seen when all have been removed.

As innocent as she seemed I was pretty sure that she had quite a sordid past. Now we had to see how sordid and how we would correct it all.

Well I always wanted a vert and it was so hard to find one here that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg so when Sally presented herself I took her in.

(Note: The carrier who took her in – Viray Trucking – actually banged up her driver’s side door leaving a visible gash. Unfortunately I wasn’t there when they hauled her in. Have been hearing bad reports about them so be warned.)


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does Ford own the word “Mustang”?

We don’t get too much in terms of Mustang magazines here but the back issues we do get seem to have that growing debate about Ford trying to remove the word “Mustang” from parts sellers. Will they do the same for magazines? LOL. Will that mean Mustang Monthly will just be Monthly? Will Mustangs Unlimited be just Unlimited?

What is your stand on this? Or is it something that shouldn’t even matter. Let us know your thoughts.

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a 67 vert under the knife


When you see the “after” shot it is always hard to imagine what the “before” or even “during” for that matter looked like.

This is one classic example. She is a beauty. But check out her site on my links under “1967 Stang Convertible Project”. It is a good presentation of what they had done to their pony to bring her to this state. An inspiration for the newbies out there to take it on. As Adidas says “Impossible is nothing”.

Oh and they have Mach 1s on it too!

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read another interesting response on Mustang Forums

It seems like there is a group in the forum that remembers the Pinatubo explosion most of us here went through. Funny though as that somewhat exposes the ages of some. But what is even more interesting is that I have discovered someone out there (who coincidentally remembers Pinatubo) has also created a blog dedicated to his 67 Stang. It is a very comprehensive blog and even tracks down his expenses. I am placing his link to my blogroll. It is a pretty interesting site and it is called “1967 Mustang Resurrection”. It is good to see more and more “fanatics” making full use of the digital world to spread the word.

It further reinforces the fact that there may be more out there (blogs that is) that are just awaiting discovery. Would be good if we could find a way to unite them. Cyberspace can be daunting at times. Specially for an old timer like me.

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